“He who thinks for days sows wheat

He who thinks for years plants trees

He who thinks for generations educates children”

(Our sage in blessed memories)

Outdoor Education

We mainly, but not only, use the medium of the outdoors as a powerful tool for education.

Our educational ethos is to see life as it is – no more – no less

  • to be confident in ourselves
  • be free from the expectations of others
  • take responsibility for our actions and carry our own weight
  • be able to to take an active part in any commnity we choose to be a part of.

Outdoors Education

Whilst this attitude to education can apply to all of us, children are more receptive, and will be able to apply the life skills learnt (trust, communication, respect, responsibility, team work) to all aspects of their lives.

Outdoors Education

At “only solutions” we specialize in creating the environment for these skills to be cultivated.  While we encourage in a positive and sensitive way we maintain a safe environment for personal development and relationships.