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At “ONLY SOLUTIONS” we will select the appropriate individual from our team of instructors and professional experts to enable you to establish and achieve your goals.


Hiday Sharon

Hiday Sharon (aka I.D) was born in Israel and educated in a kibbutz – a group of people who live a life of sharing in a community. He was involved, from an early age, in informal education, the outdoors and an adventure lifestyle. He studied outdoor education in the UK where he worked with many companies and gained qualifications in climbing & mountaineering, kayaking & canoeing, mountain biking & more.

Hiday has worked primarily in outdoor education with youngsters and has lots of experience with a variety of behaviours.

His passion for the outdoors and love of people have helped him find his place on earth- introducing people to the outdoors -on many levels, from a local kids’ club to expeditions all around the globe, combined with his relaxed approach to life makes him your ideal servant…

Hiday Sharon


Nicola Cinnamond (aka Nicky)
“All true living is meeting”
Born and bred in Dublin, Ireland Nicky graduated as a physiotherapist in 1993. She worked in Cardiff, Wales and Dublin, Ireland for 14 years, specialising in neurological rehabilitation.

From a more traditional background of sports such as hockey, tennis, badminton and swimming Nicky began exploring the great outdoors through walking, mountain biking, fell running, skiing, climbing and canoeing in her late 20s.

In conjunction with this she began to expand her skills outside of physiotherapy in the field of personal and community development. She has worked with numerous teams from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and eras!

Nicky has had the opportunity to benefit from working and exploring many parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas gaining insight from some of the wonderful people she has meet along the way.

In 2007 Nicky moved to Scotland to gain some qualifications that would enable her to combine her passion for the outdoors, people, teaching and personal development.

Nicola Cinnamond (aka Nicky)